The images displayed below highlight some of our retired breeders, new up and comersĀ and other pictures we have takenĀ over the years. ENJOY!

Eye Candy

Now thats what we call a Red Translucent!

Wax Worms
These maggot look-a-likes are actually the larvae of Wax Moths (Pyralidae); more commonly know as Wax Worms.  They should only be offered to your Bearded Dragon on occasion, as they are very high in fat.  Nutrition: Moisture 61.73% | Carbohydrates 0.40% | Protien 15.50% | Fat 21.19% | Fibre 7.69%

Phoenix | Cross: Citrus / Sunburst Translucent | Caption - We have big plans for this Translucent female and her brother 'Neeko'!

B. discoidalis

Pictured above are Blaberus discoidalis a.k.a discoids; another roach that our Dragons enjoy!  Both males and females of this species have wings, but they do not fly or climb.

White Hypo
'Finesse' and 'Demetri' produced some phenominal white hypomelanistic Dragons earlier this season.  We have repeated the pairing to produce more white hypos just in time for winter.  NOTE: Photo by Adam Seltzer, Fire and Ice Dragons
Stuck for a recipe that will appeal to your Dragon's taste buds?  Try one of our health concious salad mixtures.  Contact us for the ingredients of our recipes.

We absolutely love Flare's colour saturation.  She is a Red Het Pastel / Hypo Red / Orange German Giant / Sandfire Orange.

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